Did You Know?

Door Handles are Hotspots for Bacteria

Whilst floor surfaces and touch points are regularly sanitised, public door handles are commonly forgotten

Door handles are one of the most common harbourers for harmful bacteria, causing infections such as E. coli, Salmonella, as well as fungal and viral infections.

Did you know that flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours? (Source: NHS)

Huge amounts bacteria are deposited on the door handles in public toilets and washrooms.

Even though you may take the time to thoroughly wash your hands before leaving, you are more than likely going to have to touch the handle once more. Although you are clean, the person who touched it before you may have just blown their nose.

Washing hands regularly is simply not enough to stop this form of germ breeding on door handles from occurring. Harmful bacteria or viruses will still be on your hands and possibly causing infections to you and others.


Clean Handle

Clean Handle is an automatic door handle sanitizer designed for easy and effective use to minimise spread of infections

Crafted by medical experts and industry professionals, Clean Handle offers an easy and effective solution to minimise spread of infections in everyday environments. Tests in a hospital environment show that Clean Handle Aerosol reduces up to 90 % the amount of bacteria commonly found on door handles.


Designed and manufactured in Sweden with the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism


Clean Handle is useful in a wide range of environments such as hotels, hospitals, schools and restaurants

Health Economy

Create a cleaner environment by using Clean Handle and improve your health economy


Clean Handle is a fully automatic door handle sanitizer designed to minimise the spread of harmful bacteria in everyday environments. A vibration sensor activates the device 10 seconds after opening or closing of the door. Clean Handle antibacterial aerosol evaporates quickly and leaves a door handle that is dry and sanitized.

Easy to Mount

The device is applied with adhesive pads and can be removed without leaving any marks


With versatile design and accessory pads Clean Handle is compatible with a range of different door handles

Durable Material

Anodizied aluminum increases resistance to corrosion and wear

LED Battery Level Indicator

The device is powered by 4 AA-batteries easily exchanged when LED indicates LOW BATTERY

LED Aerosol Level Indicator

Clean Handle is loaded with a 100 ml aerosol capsule that will provide approximately 1000 sprays

Antitheft Lock

Clean Handle comes with an antitheft lock that is easy to activate

Clean Handle in Detail

Tech specs

  • Material & coating:Anodized aluminum
  • Weight:395 grams (without refill, batteries and mount)
  • Battery type:AA x 4
  • Battery time:>1500 sprays, Standby: > 1 Year
  • Sensor:Vibration triggered
  • Refill:75 ml Aerosol Capsule
  • Sprays per capsule:830 (LED-warning Low Spray: 700 sprays)
  • Wall Mount:Mounting tape on aluminium bracket
how’s your health economy?

Keep your Handles Clean and Save Money

During the flu season companies see a spike in sick employees. Did you know that a typical Swedish enterprise with 100 employees loses over 350 000 SEK per year in costs related to just flu viruses? By keeping your door handles clean you minimise the risk of work place contagion.
Source1) Calculated on a monthly salary of 40 000 SEK, and an estimated production loss of 10 percent of the monthly salary per sick day (Personalekonomi Idag, 2017 by A. Johrén and U. Johanson)
2) Influensaepidemiologi, klinisk bild samt influensavacciner, 2018 by A. Lindberg
See for yourself

How to Install Clean Handle

Clean Handle is easy to mount. It can be fitted on a wide range of different door handles and it can be removed without leaving any marks. For installation, consult the instruction video or the user manual below:
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