Our Story

The idea behind Clean Handle first occurred to Dr Claude Kollin (M.D., PhD) when he, in his practice as a paediatric surgeon in the OR, suddenly realized that the door handle he touched late in the afternoon wasn’t sanitized. Furthermore, he reflected upon the fact that staff and patients alike often fail to properly disinfect hands in hospital environments with the risk of spreading harmful bacteria. Dr Kollin began thinking of different solutions to address the problem.

Manual pump sanitizers are often found in the health sector but these only serve to disinfect hands, an activity based on a voluntary action. Furthermore, pump sanitizers are often ignored when people pass in and out through doors. Consequently Dr Kollin wanted to design an automatic door handle sanitizer, minimizing bacteria on door handles regardless if people had clean hands or not. The solution was obvious and simple, and surprisingly there were no automatic door handle sanitizers to be found on the market.

The Clean Handle device is a fully automatic door handle sanitizer compatible with a wide variety of door handles, and applicable in a wide range of public environment like hospitals, schools, hotels, and restaurants – more or less any environment where there is a benefit of decreasing the spread of harmful bacteria. Clinical tests were performed in Sweden which showed an 80-90 % reduction in bacteria colonization compared to door handles without an automatic sanitization device.